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Hello, I'm Josuè, but I also go by Sway. My interests in visual arts started with movies at a young age. In middle school I pursued that interest through Television Production. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up doing the same in high school for another four years of Television Production. I was able to learn basic editing skills, producing a newscast in the mornings for the whole school, anchored when needed, and worked many positions within the newsroom. Out of all the roles, I excelled at Video Switcher Board. My goal was to gain the experience and eventually pursue being a weatherman. I eventually got to sit in on a live broadcast and didn’t find it to be all the glorious. 

Undecided and in college, my goal was to make movies. In 2011, is when I got my hands on a Crop Sensor DSLR Camera.(Thanks Mom) I practiced my editing and story telling through video blogging. Not having too much knowledge on how to use a camera, I decided photography would help further my knowledge on how to film better and being comfortable using a camera. I pursued to teach myself through my resources which eventually progressed. The internet and everyday practice was how I started to get knowledge in the field. That is where I started to learn about community and decided to get more involved on my own campus. In chronological order, I joined the FGCU’s Programming Board, Eagle News and the Photography Club.  In the Programming Board, I covered most of the events with photography from small on the lawn events to big stage concerts. For Eagle News, I was more of a freelancer, whenever they needed me kind of thing, but I would include photos from the Programming Board. Photography club was where I really started to learn from others’ who had the similar interest. It wasn’t until my senior year where I finally ended up taking a college level photography class, Photo II, and an internship with a local professional photographer.

Post Graduation, I decided to leap. I started my first business known as Sway Photos in 2017. The rest is history and still being written. My other interests fall into sustainability, veganism, nature, and permaculture in no particular order.


2011- First DSLR

2015- First Professional Full Frame DSLR

2016- Internship for a local professional photographer. Graduated FGCU with a Bachelor’s in Art and Sciences with a concentration in Communication Studies.

2017- Launched Freelance Photography Business

2018- Relocated to Miami,FL

Sway is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about their availability:

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