Mandalynn Revisits the Cypress Dome

Two years ago, October 2016, I found myself to be in a place of so much self love within myself and through my community at FGCU. Through all this love, I connected with Mandalynn two years ago. At this time I was working on my One Portrait a Day project at the time. This was when we decided to create and express ourselves. The theme was to express and empowering women within nature. Fast forward to December 2018, we find ourselves revisiting where our journey started, except that we are finding that through these creations we can raise new issues and solutions.

Mandalynn at Cypress Dome Update (23 of 90).jpg

Growing up, I wasn’t too connected to nature, but up until my college years is where I reconnected to the natural and spiritual realm. I see that we are all connected by the universe and that we have been slowly veering off the path to being in tuned with nature. We tear down the natural realm to bring in processed distractions and not regenerating the earth at the rate of us tearing it down. It is up to us nature warriors to bring the attention to everyone that nature is beautiful and without it we can’t live. You need the trees in order to breathe.

To check out some of the photos from 2016, they’ll be at the bottom!

P.S. I created a YouTube Channel with a video from this session.

Mandalynn 2018

Mandalynn Oct 2016.