BLKMGK Debuts BOLA EP at Soul Sunday

August 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

August 6,2017 

This evening I attended one of my favorite events that in SWFL. CURATE SWFL HOSTS SOUL SUNDAY AT NICE GUYS PIZZA! Tonight was a special night for the community and for everyone who performed. We had all local acts with some debuting new music. The lineup was also amazing!

DJ Griff Gotti. This man was spinning throughout the evening. Let me tell you, he kept everyone grooving! He was the glue to the whole night.

Nylon Dreams featuring Soul & Dreams. Nylon Dreams poured his heart and soul into his music this evening, I have never seen him perform like this until this evening. He pulled some magical tunes together, that I even found myself moving into a higher state of being. Soul & Dreams killing it with his words and high energy. NYLON DREAMS SOUNDCLOUD

Bill Suave.  Yo!!!!! Let me tell you right now, this dude right here he was on some enlightened nu-funk kind of stuff. We had met via Instagram, aka @thehippiecircle, but never face to face, I was so excited to meet him in person. When he got on stage and I heard the music, I stopped whatever I was doing and said I can't miss this. MAD WAVY VIBES I FELL IN LOVE WITH AND RESONATE WITH! Definitely, DO NOT SLEEP ON HIM! Check out his newly released EP SUMMA WAVS EP

Alano Adan. This man makes poetry and spits it all out at us to see his perspective. You're going to want to check him out, my dude is making moves. Alano Adan Soundcloud 

BLKMGK. My bro Malike has been DJing for years, he did put out a viral song known as FGCU DUNK CITY (which he did perform this evening) but we didn't hear much of him musically after then. Four years later he took on a project of his new up,  BOLA EP. BLKMGK poured his heart and soul into this EP, you felt the raw emotions along with the fun songs. He had features from Alano Adan, Andrè DeSaint, and RYANLAYZER. I want to thank BLKMGK for putting himself out there and creating growth for our community in SWFL. 

Don't Forget to check out Curate SWFL Soundcloud for more!


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