Hello, I'm Josuè, but I also go by Sway. I started to develop my interest in photography in 2010. It wasn't until 2011 when I purchased my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel 2Ti, which was eventually replaced with a Canon Rebel T3i. I started taking a bulk of photos at FGCU, specifically with the Programming Board, where I did the clubs event photography all the way to some of their big named concerts like Krewella, Trey Songz, and Big Sean to name a few. I found Concert photography to be one of my favorite things to take photos of. I also took photos for a year at FGCU Eagles News. Throughout these years, the way I learned photography was through multiple communities. Learning a lot from the internet, from other photographers and friends around me, and experimenting... a lot of experimenting.

Once 2015 hit, I decided to take a leap and make a big purchase of a professional grade full frame camera, a Canon 6D which I use to this day. From the beginning of 2015 to the beginning of 2016 I shot only with a 28mm prime lens since money was tight. When 2016 hit, I made my second lens purchase of an 85mm prime, this is where my portrait game took a big improvement on my photography.

While still in school in 2016, I was required to take on an internship. This is where I met Chris Kovaz, a professional photographer from Fort Myers. In May 2016 I started my internship as second shooter and assistant. As an intern, I did five solo weddings, seven weddings as a second shooter and assistant, attended many networking events, and even helped manage a wedding booth. Shooting weddings was a challenge, but I love challenges, as weddings require the eye for many styles of photography, from product photography, action photography, event photography, group photography, portrait photography, and candids. I'm happy to have gone on the journey as an intern for a wedding photographer, something about sharing someone's special day is very rewarding and brings a smile to my heart.

Let me bring you up to date. I graduated FGCU in winter of 2016. 2017 is the year where I have fully taken the necessary steps to make my hobby into a full burning passion, thus Sway Photos is born. My other interests fall into veganism, permaculture, craft beer, and adventuring.